Game Of Thrones Showrunners Had A Cameo In The Starbucks Coffee Scene


Here’s something that’ll surely stir the Game of Thrones coffee pot a bit.

By now, you’ve hopefully heard about Starbucks staking its claim in Westeros last Sunday. In a scene where the survivors of “The Long Night” are celebrating their insanely narrow victory, courtesy of Arya Stark, a stray coffee cup mysteriously appeared onscreen. It was on the table Daenerys was sitting at, silently enjoying the raucous show.

One would think that’d be the end of it. HBO and Starbucks have (sort of) issued statements on the matter, and the whole thing should become yesterday’s news by tomorrow. But here’s yet another dragon-sized plot twist: David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, the heads of the freaking show itself, were in the same scene as the now-famous cup.

Don’t believe me? Well, Twitter says it’s true, so there.

Typically, GoT usually has to deal with some sort of backlash from the shocking scenes in its episodes. Too much blood. Too dark. Not enough action. We all know that this final season won’t have any problem with the last one. Now, though, they’ve really left fans scratching their heads.

Was the cup left there on purpose in a shady back alley deal with Starbucks? Or did it really get overlooked by everyone from the janitors to the producers? Now that we know the showrunners were in the same scene with the coffee cup, I personally can’t wait for the next statement from, well, anyone.

In all honesty though, with the hit fantasy series ending its eight season-run this month, none of this will matter for too long. All it’s doing is getting fans riled up and ready for the fifth and second-to-last episode ever of Game of Thrones this Sunday, which you won’t want to miss.