Game Of Thrones IMAX Release Delayed To Add More Screenings


Game of Thrones

Last week we brought you the news that IMAX Entertainment was gearing up to make Game of Thrones the very first television show to be shown in the format, with plans to bring the two final episodes of season four to 150 screens.

However, in a bid to make the release as big as it can possibly be, the company has pushed the week-long event by one week in order to add more screenings, bringing the number up to 200 theaters. This news means that the beloved fantasy epic won’t grace the silver screen until January 29, as opposed to the planned January 23.

As you’ve probably already guessed, IMAX’s move was in response to the overwhelming demand for tickets, thereby making the decision to expand the domestic roll-out a no-brainer. In bringing the two episodes across — namely The Watchers on the Wall and The Children — the company has digitally remastered each installment to be compatible with the mammoth IMAX format.

Tickets for the event are set to go on sale on Thursday, January 15 and it’s almost a bygone conclusion that those eager fans looking to be in with a chance of picking up a pair will have to experience heavy traffic; in fact, HBO’s official site is already reporting a large influx of traffic. Such is the pull of George R.R. Martin’s fantastical world.

In a statement, here’s what the company had to say on introducing Game of Thrones to the moviegoing audience.

“The cinematic brilliance and grand scope of the series is perfect for the IMAX format. We are always looking to provide fans with new and exciting ways to experience the show and viewing two key episodes, along with the new trailer, on such an impressive platform makes for a great event.”

Game of Thrones season five will make its triumphant to the small screen on April 12.

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