Gargoyles Creator Would Rather Remake Season 3 Than Reboot Entire Show


After a huge surge in popularity following the launch of Disney Plus, that saw the show trending on social media and led to calls for a revival that were backed by creator Greg Weisman, the buzz around Gargoyles eventually faded over the next few months. However, a recent wide-ranging interview with Weisman has seen interest in the cult favorite spike once again, as well as offering up some unique insights into the beloved animation.

As well as confirming that Get Out’s Jordan Peele was interested in a live-action adaptation, something Weisman would love to work on with the Academy Award-winning filmmaker, it was also revealed that the O.J. Simpson trial played a huge role in Gargoyles’ cancellation, and that Weisman was unhappy with how the third season turned out.

As part of the interview, he once again reiterated that while he doesn’t have any sort of creative input on the long-dormant brand, if Disney were to revive the series then he would much rather they remade season 3 than reboot Gargoyles from the ground up, given how disappointed he was with the final run of episodes.

“My guess is that we’d wind up just doing more of the show. And frankly, my guess is that they’d want to reboot it, just as they’ve done with Duck Tales, to great success and great effect. And that’s not my first choice. I’m not saying I’d refuse, but I’m really proud of the work we did, and I don’t think it needs a reboot. I just think we’d like to make more. And in a world with a streaming service, where you’ve got 65 episodes, I’d just view it as Gargoyles Season 3. But those are never decisions I get to make.”

Someone at Disney must surely have noticed the big splash Gargoyles made when it was announced for the streaming service, and once fans have plowed their way through the studio’s back catalogue they’ll be crying out for original content. The Mouse House can’t continue to rely on The Mandalorian, the Marvel Cinematic Universe and even more live-action remakes of their animated classics to power their in-house projects and tide fans over forever, and they could do a lot worse than look into the possibility of resurrecting Gargoyles in some form.