Gina Carano Might End Up Getting Her Mandalorian Spinoff After All

Gina Carano

Gina Carano may end up getting her own Mandalorian spinoff, after all. We heard a while ago that Lucasfilm was developing a show for Cara Dune prior to season 2 of the hit Star Wars series, but the problem is that since then, the actress has made her mark on social media in all the wrong ways, with angry fans continually calling for her to be fired from the franchise for her controversial views.

According to the latest intel, though, Carano has apparently managed to smooth things over with the studio. Tipster Daniel Richtman has shared that the former MMA star has privately apologized to Disney/Lucasfilm for her social media behavior. The actress hasn’t made any kind of public apology, but her Twitter feed has been mostly apolitical of late, which suggests she might be watching what she says.

As per Richtman, this olive branch has been extended in the hopes of Carano’s own spinoff being commissioned. As we’ve previously reported, it’s believed that Cara Dune will show up in Rangers of the New Republic, but this spinoff is a separate project and while it’s unclear if it’s definitely back on, it’s certainly something that Carano is doing all she can to make happen.

So, at this point, it sounds like the main issue of concern is whether or not she’ll get her own show, and not that she could be fired from The Mandalorian. EP Jon Favreau is reportedly protecting Carano from Lucasfilm’s wrath on that front, with her co-stars also publicly defending her. Her Twitter behavior could still come back to bite here, then, but we’ll probably see more of Gina Carano in the Star Wars saga whatever transpires.