Gina Carano pleased to find herself as a top trending actor of 2021

gina carano with fans
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Former Mandalorian star Gina Carano appears pleased to find herself as one of the top trending actors on Google in 2021 — sharing that, as you might expect, on Twitter.

Carano was in the supporting role of Cara Dune in the Disney Plus web series, but it was her inclination to make political statements on Twitter and Instagram, and the ensuing controversy that drummed up, that led to much notoriety for the one-time martial artist.

The current cultural and political division in the United States led to many commentators and famous individuals taking sides when it came to Carano’s views, with conservative influencer Ben Shapiro among those supporting Carano’s case, and progressive types regarding her cancellation as good riddance.

Wherever you stand in this spectrum, there’s no denying that the actress now has the power to generate waves on the internet.

On Friday morning, she took to social media to reveal her pleasure in being the fourth top trending actor on Google in 2021.

Gina Carano recently made rounds by criticizing several foreign countries for their handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and later accusing Australia of committing “crimes against humanity” over its new vaccine mandate. Assuming she keeps that up into the New Year, perhaps she’ll trend similarly when the 2022 list comes out in about 12 months.