Gina Carano Was Reportedly Attached To Multiple Star Wars Projects Before She Was Fired

Gina Carano

Gina Carano didn’t waste any time in securing herself work after being fired from The Mandalorian, almost immediately signing on to develop, produce and star in a feature film from conservative commentator Ben Shapiro and The Daily Wire. The website has been planning to shift towards creating and releasing original content for a while, although it’s obviously not designed to appeal to both sides of the political divide.

While the former MMA fighter is set to ride a wave of both positive and negative buzz for the next few months, in the long run, her career prospects have unquestionably taken a serious hit. After all, The Mandalorian is one of the biggest shows on television, and with the franchise’s Disney Plus expansion set to continue rapidly, Carano could have realistically been gainfully employed by Disney and Lucasfilm for years.

In fact, we’ve now heard from our sources – the same ones who told us Ahsoka Tano would appear in season 2 of the aforementioned series long before it was confirmed – that the 38 year-old was being lined up for multiple Star Wars projects before being dumped altogether. While specifics remain unclear, with The Mandalorian and its three spinoffs existing in the same narrative space, there was a real chance that she could have been involved in Ahsoka and/or Rangers of the New Republic, among others.

Not only that, but Gina Carano was also heavily rumored to be getting her own solo show before her constantly confrontational social media persona reportedly gave the Disney brass cold feet. With the exception of her first leading role in Steven Soderbergh’s Haywire and a supporting part in Fast & Furious 6, her entire filmography to date has been released straight to home video, and without the residual Star Wars fame, it could be tough to break back into mainstream Hollywood.