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Was this career-launching comedy actually a war zone? A new Discovery Plus docuseries is about to find out

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Discovery Plus Discovery+ and ID just came out with the best (or worst!) possible news for fans of the hit comedy musical series, Glee. In an attempt to explore the possible war zone that was experienced on and off camera, the streamer is looking to discover the nitty and gritty details of the real story behind Fox’s hit series.

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According to Deadline, the streamer has ordered a three-part docuseries from Ample Entertainment. The streamer has ordered a three-part docuseries from Ample Entertainment. The series will “lift the curtain to reveal the highs and lows of the production” on the set of Glee, which all points to being a lot.

The docu-series is expected to have access to pivotal members of the cast and crew of the show, who will be sharing their first-hand stories of the time they spent on the drama-comedy series. Glee was first released in 2009, running for six years and amounting to over 100 episodes over the course of six seasons. The series, led by Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, Chris Colfer, Naya Rivera, and many others, was known for its introduction to LGBTQ+ characters during a time in which having main queer protagonists on TV was particularly frowned upon.

Over the years, Glee‘s popularity shot to the roof for having quite the controversies behind the scenes. The lead actress Lea Michele was scrutinized over racism and bullying allegations from several cast members, some of which seem to want nothing to do with the actress to this day. Among the cast, it has also been known that not all members or crew seemed to get along. In the late Naya Rivera’s book Sorry Not Sorry, the actress recalled instances in which the cast, with a special lens on Michele, seemed to have conflicts with each other, among many other spicy other things.

The show also has a fame that just seems unbeatable: The Glee Curse. Over the years, three cast members have passed away from eerie and borderline traumatizing reasons. Cory Monteith, the lead actor who portrayed Finn Hudson, passed away in 2013 from an overdose in his home country, Canada. Five years later, Mark Salling died by suicide after admitting guilt to the actor owning child pornography charges, ending his life in his backyard before being incarcerated. The latest and perhaps most gut-wrenching victim of the cast was the queer icon, Naya Rivera, who tragically passed away in a lake from accidental drowning after saving her four-year-old from the treacherous waters.

Although the documentary series has yet to start production and receive a release date, one thing is for certain: Discovery Plus will have its hands full with the Glee cast.