Here Are All The Doctor Who Easter Eggs In Good Omens


Prior to the release of Amazon Prime’s Good Omens, star David Tennant revealed that the apocalyptic comedy-drama would feature the odd reference to Doctor Who, the show that made his name. Tennant isn’t the only Who alumni involved though, as showrunner Neil Gaiman and director Douglas McKinnon both previously worked on the series as well. It’s no wonder then that they decided to slip in a few easter eggs that’ll surely please any Whovians who tune in.

Now that Good Omens has been with us for a few days, we think we’ve picked up on most of the Who references to be found. The first appears to occur in episode 2 as Jack Whitehall’s Newton Pulsifer attends his disastrous first day at his new job while wearing a colorfully-striped tie. Fans will notice that it’s the same pattern as the Fourth Doctor’s iconic long scarf.

In episode 4, meanwhile, Tennant’s Crowley is looking for another planet to flee to, what with Armageddon on its way. One of the pages that flies around him as he considers them is Gallifrey, homeworld of the Doctor and his fellow Time Lords.

See these two easter eggs for yourself in the gallery below:

But that’s not all. Several cars scattered throughout also sport the license plate “SID RAT.” Not only is this TARDIS backwards, but it also could be a nod to the SIDRATs, the time machines used by the villainous War Lords in 1969’s “The War Games.”

Speaking of obscure Who references, Crowley uses the phrase “reign of terror” in episode 1, which is also the title of a 1964 Who story. Finally, here’s one that you probably all caught but we can’t leave it out: In episode 4, Brian (Ilan Galkoff), one of Adam the Anti-Christ’s friends, impersonates a Dalek by saying “Exterminate!”

To experience all the Whovian goodness for yourself, be sure to check out all six episodes of Good Omens over on Amazon Prime.