‘Gravity Falls’ star Jason Ritter made a cameo in ‘The Last of Us’ and you definitely missed it

Jason Ritter had a cameo in 'The Last of Us'
Images via Frazer Harrison / Getty Images / Disney / HBO

Joel and Ellie sneaking around hordes of clickers and raiders over the events of HBO’s The Last of Us wasn’t the only stealthy element of the hit adaptation, with easter eggs and cameos aplenty that only the most eagle-eyed of observers and video game fans may have caught.

However, here’s one that pretty much everyone may have missed, save for the cross section of devout Gravity Falls and The Last of Us fans who caught all of the latter’s behind the scenes footage. 

One such fan took to Twitter to call out a potential sighting of Jason Ritter getting plastered in all sorts of fungal prosthetics for the purposes of being turned into a clicker in the intense horde sequence towards the end of episode 5, “Endure and Survive.” They tagged both Ritter and her spouse, Melanie Lynskey (Kathleen in HBO’s The Last of Us), for confirmation, and the clicker in question responded in simply the most wholesome way possible:

It would appear then, that the “take your husband to work day” that Twitter user karrotkate described, involves getting your spouse covered head to toe in nasty cordyceps makeup and blending them in with the horde that would eventually take your character’s life. Neat! 

Another cameo that you may have missed which is much more heavily involved in the world of The Last of Us was the actress who brought life to Abby in The Last of Us Part II video game, who was sneakily included in the season finale “Look for the Light.”

It’s barely been a week since The Last of Us wrapped up its first season, and darn it if we don’t miss it already. We can only imagine what the poor souls that are newcomers to Naughty Dog’s story are going to be speculating about in the interim. On the bright side, we can now go back and binge all nine episodes of the first season – now streaming on HBO Max.