Another Great Netflix Show Has Reportedly Scored A Season 2 Renewal

I Am Not Okay With This

In what’s becoming something of a regular occurrence now, Netflix have reportedly renewed another one of their popular shows as they look to keep their seat on the streaming throne as competition becomes fiercer than ever.

Following renewals for series like OzarkThe Last Kingdom and, reportedly, Outer Banks, among others, the streaming giant has reportedly just renewed modest hit I Am Not Okay With This for another season. Though not their biggest success story, the show still pulled in a healthy amount of viewers and scored a very impressive 87% on Rotten Tomatoes and according to What’s On Netflix, it’s now been given the green light for a new run.

Mind you, Netflix has yet to confirm this themselves, but the aforementioned outlet has a pretty good track record when it comes to scoops like this. And again, given the fairly strong reception that met I Am Not Okay With This, it’d only make sense that the company wants to produce more of it to feed their hungry subscribers.

I'm Not Okay With This

For those unfamiliar, I Am Not Okay With This tells the story of a girl named Syd (played by Sophia Lillis) who discovers she has telekinetic powers. Though far from a perfect show, the first season was certainly enjoyable, anchored by a strong performance from Lillis, and definitely left things open enough for another batch of episodes.

When exactly we may see season 2 is still unclear, as again, Netflix hasn’t made the official announcement yet. But fans of the series can rest easy knowing that more is most likely on the way. And hopefully sooner rather than later.

Tell us, though, did you enjoy the first season of I Am Not Okay With This? As always, sound off in the comments section down below.