‘Halo’ show composer compares musical approach to ‘The Mandalorian’

Halo Paramount Plus TV Series
Image via Paramount Plus

The Halo television show is going strong on Paramount Plus. It retells the familiar story, taking place in a different continuity from the game series it is based on. Now, its composer is saying his music for the piece takes a lot of inspiration from The Mandalorian.

I can’t stress this enough; I have such respect for the music of the games. I view it as almost a sacred territory and whenever I handled the theme in any way, I would consult Microsoft and say ‘I’d like to use it here and there’ and then the Halo had a certain kind of sound to it and so forth. Sometimes there was some very passionate debate … the idea was to have this be something that would certainly conjure the themes from the game, but you would also recognize this as its own lane, so to speak. Much like The Mandalorian is very different from Star Wars, but it’s still in the Star Wars universe.

Former 24 composer Sean Callery made the comments about his work on the video game adaptation to ComicBook.com in an article published yesterday. He discussed his work, hopes for the future and revealed he was drawn to his current project out of a familiarity with its themes and how they resonated during COVID-19’s heights.

What I loved about the story, I read the script and then I saw the rough cut of the first episode, which was now being shut down because of COVID-19. What I really loved about it was this Master Chief character … he discovers when you watch the show, it was sort of a discovery about him asking a question of himself which is, ‘Who am I? What am I about? What am I doing?’ I just thought it was so interesting, and all of us being alone and working from home, we have all this stuff stripped away. I think, who among us in the last two years hasn’t asked those kinds of questions? Who are we? What are we all about?

Though the show has received mixed reviews so far, it will get the chance to do more in a second season.