‘Hawkeye’ awards consideration campaign might just hint at a second season

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Despite the success of all Marvel’s Disney Plus series, only two of them to date have been announced to get a second season — Loki and What If…?. However, it’s just possible that we can add a third to that list as Marvel Studios has updated its awards consideration categorization for Hawkeye, which may indicate that Jeremy Renner’s Avenging Archer hasn’t emptied his quiver just yet.

Marvel Studios’ official “For Your Consideration” website has switched its Hawkeye listings from its previous Limited Series focus to classifying the six-part show as a Comedy Series. At first glance, this seems like a bizarre decision as, while it contained the usual amount of quips and humorous moments that we’d expect from an MCU production, Hawkeye was far from a full-on sitcom. But there might be some method behind the madness.

In April, it was reported that Marvel was having to submit Loki to the Emmys as a Drama Series as it couldn’t be classified as a Limited Series due to the fact a season two is on its way. So Hawkeye may have switched categories for the very same reason. It’s ironic that Marvel chose to run Loki as a drama and Hawkeye as a comedy, however, as if you had to pigeonhole them, it might be more accurate to label them the other way around.

As per Marvel’s awards campaign site, then, Renner and Hailee Steinfeld are up for Lead Actor/Actress in a Comedy Series with Vincent D’Onofrio, Alaqua Cox, Florence Pugh, and Tony Dalton among those listed in the Supporting Actor/Actress categories. The directors, costume team, VFX team, sound team and many more are also being trumpeted. We’ll have to wait and see which fields the Emmys will ultimately put it up for. At the time of writing, Moon Knight remains listed as a Limited Series, so maybe we shouldn’t expect a second run of that, after all.

You can revisit all six episodes of Hawkeye on Disney Plus now.

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