The CW Wants Helen Slater To Reprise Supergirl For Crisis On Infinite Earths


By this point, it would be quicker to list the names of DC icons who haven’t been linked to the Arrowverse’s upcoming “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover than those that have. Tons of stars from across the DC multiverse have already signed up to reprise their fan favorite roles in the barnstorming event, leaving fans to wonder who will be the next one announced to take part.

On that note, while it hasn’t been confirmed just yet, there’s at least one more star that the producers are trying to get on board: Helen Slater, who featured as the Girl of Steel in 1984’s Supergirl movie. EP Marc Guggenheim opened up to /Film about the crossover, teasing that no one’s off the table when it comes to “Crisis,” with the exec himself hoping to get Slater back as Kara Zor-El.

“I feel like at this point, we’ve covered the waterfornt in terms of we’ve talked about every person who’s been in a DC property in live-action, and with Kevin [Conroy] in animation. Everything is possible. I happen to love the Supergirl movie and I remember the first time I saw it. I would love for her to reprise her role. We’re feeling out a lot of our various parameters in terms of what can we afford and what do we have story for? Can this be a cameo? Can this be a full on story? It’s just this ongoing conversation. we started the crossover earlier than we ever have precisely so we could have these conversation.”

Of all the DC stars that might be tricky to land for “Crisis,” Slater should theoretically be one of the easier guest stars to get involved. Like Brandon Routh, who’ll feature as Superman, the actress is already part of the Arrowverse as a different character – she’s played Eliza Danvers, adoptive mother to Melissa Benoist’s Kara, since Supergirl‘s first season. So, you’d think it wouldn’t be too difficult to build on this working relationship they already have with the star to bring her in for the event. Especially when the producers have already pulled off bigger coups that we never thought would happen.

Like Guggenheim says above, Kevin Conroy will finally get the chance to play his iconic portrayal of Batman in live-action in “Crisis” – even though Bruce Wayne has previously been off-limits to the Arrowverse. Unfortunately, though, it seems there are issues surrounding attempts to get Lynda Carter back as Wonder Woman, with some doubt also cast on Tom Welling returning as Smallville‘s Clark Kent.

But there’s still time to work these things out. After all, “Crisis on Infinite Earths” doesn’t arrive until December 8th, with the five-part event stretching over the Christmas break before wrapping on January 14th.