Henry Cavill Offers Filming Update On The Witcher Season 2

The Witcher

Netflix is currently busy shooting the second season of The Witcher over in the United Kingdom, and amid the new lockdowns that will go into effect from November 5th, Henry Cavill has announced that the crew will continue filming in the studio.

While the COVID-19 pandemic already sabotaged the production of the live-action series once, the second wave of the deadly infectious disease, currently sweeping many European countries and compelling them to extend restriction laws, means that the streaming juggernaut is going to have to readjust the production schedule again. If we hadn’t been fighting an outbreak of this magnitude, fans could’ve expected the next chapter in the story of Geralt to arrive in late 2020. Though obviously, the long hiatus and ongoing restrictions are making it more and more difficult for the team to go through the filming blocks as planned.

Now, the White Wolf himself has taken to Instagram to reveal that the crew is departing the Lake District to continue production indoors, sharing the photo in the gallery below along with the following caption:

“England returns to Lockdown on Thursday so it is time for me to depart Yorkshire and The extraordinary North, and head back down South to continue shooting in the studio. Thank you for hosting all of us on season 2 of The Witcher. Hopefully I shall return to your hills, dales and fells soon. Stay strong and stay safe, my friends.”

On the bright side, the pandemic has apparently given the team plenty of time to go over the scripts and do rewrites in favor of a more approachable narrative. So, it’s hardly surprising to see that the cast and crew are now relocating to shoot other scenes and make the most out of their time while they can.

If the second wave doesn’t die down in the near future, though, we might have to expect further delays to The Witcher season 2. And that would certainly be a shame given how highly anticipated the next run of the smash hit fantasy show is.