Henry Cavill Reportedly Wants The Witcher To Run As Long As Possible So He Has Leverage With Studios

The Witcher

Until Henry Cavill publicly comments on the wave of speculation surrounding his short and long-term future as the DCEU’s Superman, it’s a foregone conclusion that the rumor mill will continue to churn in perpetuity. After all, the 37 year-old is a busy man, and is still knee deep in shooting season 2 of The Witcher, which has taken a lot longer than anyone could have expected given the Coronavirus pandemic.

Once he places Geralt of Rivia’s wig back into cold storage, though, fans will be eager to see what he does next. A quick glance at the internet offers up any number of scenarios, ranging from Cavill jumping ship to the Marvel Cinematic Universe to starring in a live-action adaptation of Mass Effect, but at this stage, we simply don’t know.

Insider Daniel Richtman is now claiming, however, that Cavill wants The Witcher to last as long as possible, with the actor reportedly believing it gives him leverage when it comes to negotiating with other studios, based on how successful the fantasy series has proven to be for Netflix so far.

“Cavill wants Witcher to last as long as possible [because] it’s such a huge hit, it will give him leverage in talks with other studios,” says Richtman.

Of course, the tipster alleged just a couple of days ago that he was trying to play Netflix and Warner Bros. against each other in order to secure a pay rise from the former, which is one of close to a dozen Cavill-related scoops he’s revealed since the Superman news first broke, so trying to separate the fact from fiction only gets murkier with each passing day, and we won’t know for sure until the man himself clears things up.

Obviously, it’s entirely up to Netflix how long The Witcher ends up running for, but it’s clearly going to be a while given that an entire shared universe is set to be established over the coming years, and they’ll presumably want Cavill’s Geralt to be a huge part of it considering both his popularity among fans and the positive response to his performance in season 1.