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Henry Cavill says Geralt will be different in ‘The Witcher’ season 2

'The Witcher season 2 has just been released and Henry Cavill promises fans that they will meet a newly reformed Geralt.

Henry Cavill is a man of many talents, chief among them his ability to play a variety of noteworthy characters who soar through the sky, wield swords, and fight off demons. It seems that he can do almost anything, and now that season two of The Witcher has finally landed on Netflix, fans are wondering if they’re going to see a different side of Geralt as opposed to the constantly cranky version they met in season one ⏤ a challenge that Cavill would undoubtedly be up for.

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When the first season aired, it was met with mixed reviews, but what fans and critics most commonly agreed upon was that it seemed like Cavill’s Geralt was either always arguing with someone or just plainly being a stubborn brute. Many argued that there needed to be a shift in the second season, and thankfully Cavill couldn’t agree more.

The Witcher

Speaking exclusively with Collider, Cavill said that he fought to make Geralt more intellectual in season two, bringing a sense of level-headedness back to the character that was present throughout the book series.

“The biggest piece was I wanted to represent as much of a book-accurate Geralt as possible and a lot of the fans did as well, and so I campaigned really hard to make sure that he was more verbose, he sounded more intellectual, his choice of words was more thought out and that his approach to Cirilla and everyone else wasn’t antagonistic. Because it initially came across as he was just grumpy all the time with everyone and everything and I really wanted to show this three-dimensional character where instead of him fighting with everyone, whether it be Cirilla or whether it be the Witchers, I wanted to show him being intellectual and thoughtful and, yes, have disagreements, but also show his approach as someone who’s been alive for 70+ years.”

Just like the first season, there will be eight episodes in season two that will follow Geralt, Cirilla, Yennifer, and a whole new slew of characters as they embark across the Continent fighting monsters, armies, and of course the Nilfgaard forces. The sophomore season is already shaping up to be much more exciting than its predecessor, with Rotten Tomatoes certifying it fresh at 95% as opposed to the 68% that the first season received.

Season two of The Witcher is now available to stream on Netflix.

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