Henry Cavill’s Witcher Takes On Superman With A Lightsaber In Awesome Fan Art

The Witcher

Given his status as one of Hollywood’s most sought-after actors, it comes as no surprise that Henry Cavill has a legion of fans eager to see what role he has lined up next.

Especially in the realms of sci-fi and nerd culture as a whole, the Superman star has only endeared himself further as a self-professed gamer. Naturally, this has prompted many to imagine how he could look as numerous pop culture characters such as Captain Britain as well as DC’s Dark Knight and while the subject of this particular story adheres mostly to his known credits, it seems as though Instagram user Erathrim20 would love nothing more than to see Cavill wield a weapon synonymous with Star Wars.

Dressed to mimic his transformation into Geralt of Rivia for Netflix’s mega-popular show based on Andrzej Sapkowski’s The Witcher novels, the Brit is depicted, with Lightsaber in hand, looking up at an out-of-view figure. The latter, dressed in red and blue, is clearly intended to represent the Man of Steel and judging by the facial expression, it doesn’t look like the two are meeting for a friendly chat.

Check out Erathrim’s work for yourselves below:

As for the likelihood of him representing any of the franchises depicted above in the future, Cavill hasn’t given any indication of making the trip to a galaxy far, far away, though rumors of a return to the DCEU continue to persist. Whether these hold any weight, we’ll just have to wait and see, though in the meantime, all eyes will be on The Witcher. While an air date for the show’s second season is still forthcoming, fans can expect to see and hear more about the fantasy series’ return at WitcherCon later this month. See here for everything you need to know about the digital event.