Homelander responds to Starlight’s livestream ahead of ‘The Boys’ penultimate episode

the boys homelander
Image via Prime Video

Ahead of The Boys penultimate episode landing on Prime Video this Friday, Vaught International has shared an in-universe post addressing Starlight’s Livestream at the end of episode six.

The statement, written by Homelander, denied all of the claims made by Starlight and assures shareholders that she is no longer a part of The Seven.

Starting the statement off, Homelander explains that the views expressed by Starlight are not those that Vought International shares. The hero is no longer a co-caption of The Seven and Vought will be taking every possible legal action to fight the claims made by her.

Continuing, Homelander shared some less than kind words about his former co-caption ultimately airing his regret for ever making Starlight a member of The Seven.

The statement ends with Vought sharing their goals which they claim to be and always have been “the advancement of the American people and the expansion of liberty across the world.”

These words shouldn’t come as any surprise given the action-packed conclusion to “Herogasm”. Along with the teaser for episode seven, fans now have a decent idea of where Homelander’s mindset is at for this week’s episode.

The Boys is currently more than halfway through airing its third season. The eight-episode run is only two additions from the end so fans can expect true chaos in these next weeks.

If you haven’t yet caught up, all of The Boys’ first two seasons and six episodes of season three are available to stream on Prime Video right now.