How Tall Is Starfire?

Starfire Height

Starfire first appeared in DC Comics Presents #26 in 1980. Originally Princess Koriand’r of Tamaran, Starfire joined the Teen Titans in her debut appearance and quickly became a fan-favorite hero of the publisher. Her imposing, ultraviolet-tinged figure fits her fighting experience over the years—and also led to her taking up a modeling job on Earth (when she’s busy not saving it).

So just how tall is Starfire? Here’s what we know about Princess Koriand’r’s height.

Starfire’s height throughout the years

Starfire’s height is a bit inconsistent across decades of publications. 

In the DC comics, Starfire has remained a tall 6 feet 4 inches, surpassing the likes of Batman and Superman. This might be a surprise if Cartoon Network’s Teen Titans series was your introduction to the character. While the human boy Robin remains somewhere around his 4-foot-6-inch comic book height, Starfire is only a few inches taller than him in the show. 

In HBO Max’s 2018 live action Titans, Starfire is played by Senegalese-American actress Anna Diop. Diop, who has previously worked on Us, 24: Legacy, and Everybody Hates Chris, measures in at 5 feet and 8 inches. While taller than her animated counterpart, the live-action hero isn’t looking down at her teammates the same way Starfire does in the comics.

Starfire remains one of DC’s most popular heroes across representations of the character, and her height is only a very small part of that appeal. The heroine’s animated and live action appearances remain iconic and easily distinguishable, attracting new fans to the character. But Starfire is most importantly a curious, fun-loving woman that carries a great onus to her people, and for that she has remained so beloved.