The Internet Is Loving Zac Efron’s Awesome New Netflix Show

Zac Efron

The buzz was good for new Netflix show Down to Earth with Zac Efron, in which Efron travels through scenic locations around the world with “superfood hunter” Darin Olien. Together, the pair explore healthy and sustainable ways of living, although judging by the promotional pictures, they focused primarily on ones that would allow Efron to be shirtless for as long as possible.

The show premiered on Netflix today and reactions on Twitter have been extremely positive, though admittedly, many of them seem to be drooling over Efron’s body rather than learning about sustainable living.

Here’s a selection:

But it’s not all sunshine and roses. Critics have pointed out that Efron’s wide-eyed schtick gets kind of grating after a while, and that Olien, his “wellness expert” buddy, comes across as extremely gormless. Patrick Freyne, writing in the Irish Times, notes that the show is obviously aimed solely at an American audience, saying that “the existence of France in the second episode is presented as a pretty big deal.”

This feeds into Efron and Olien apparently staring wide-eyed at European public infrastructure and finding it wanting in comparison to the US. As Freyne puts it: “What they are amazed by is, essentially, European socialism, and it’s actually quite sweet to see Zac Efron being radicalised in real-time.” Greetings, comrade Efron.

Another review points out that despite the actor’s “relentless positivity,” he doesn’t actually seem to have much interest in the environment or food, processing what’s being shown to him with a chorus of “sick,” “gnarly” and “rad.”

But hey, it’s difficult to dislike Zac Efron, and if he wants to travel around the world visiting geothermal plants, having smoke blown over his pecs and staring intently at bees, I’m certainly not about to begrudge him the opportunity.