Marvel Fans Furious At Netflix For Cancelling Daredevil


The warning signs were there but we didn’t want to believe them, and so when the news broke that Marvel’s Daredevil had been cancelled after three seasons, the internet collectively lost its mind.

After Luke Cage and Iron Fist were dropped in quick succession, many fans feared the start of a larger trend, with a social media campaign even launching just a few days ago for Netflix to renew Matt Murdock’s show for a fourth season, but it seems that such public displays of affection – not to mention the plethora of strong reviews received by the latest set of episodes – weren’t enough to stop the axe from dropping. And now that the announcement has officially been made, the fans have taken to Twitter with their responses, and it’s not a pretty sight:

Naturally, the speculation is sure to continue on why Marvel’s shows are ‘really’ dropping from Netflix. We’ve heard various reports of falling viewership for each superhero series, and perhaps that’s all the explanation we need, but as you’ll see above, some fans are suspecting that the cancellations are part of a migration to the upcoming streaming service Disney Plus, in which case, many are suspecting that these properties will be brought back in PG-13 form.

That’s just speculation for the time being, but whatever the reasons are for Netflix announcing their intentions to “close this chapter on a high note,” we can at least expect further seasons from Jessica Jones and The Punisher before each of them go the way of Daredevil and the rest. At this rate, however, it certainly feels like we’re approaching the final days for this particular branch of the Marvel universe.