The Internet Thinks Geralt’s New Witcher Armor Looks Like George Clooney’s Batsuit


News is coming in pretty steadily about the second season of The Witcher, with Netflix putting out an official synopsis for the upcoming run earlier this week. We also received some images of Henry Cavill’s Geralt in his new armor and while he arguably looks great, people on the Internet are already drawing comparisons to an infamous part of pop culture history.

More specifically, social media users think that Geralt’s outfit resembles George Clooney’s Batsuit in Batman & Robin, which was famous for its prominent nipples. Although Cavill’s chest plate does not include this feature, plenty of fans think that the armor is giving off a similar energy, and here are just some of the thoughts on how Geralt might be inadvertently drawing comparisons with one of the sillier (if not the silliest) on screen portrayal of the Dark Knight:

A lot of the comments so far, then, have been about the extra definition that Geralt’s costuming seems to provide. It’s worth noting, however, that there are many ways to dress the character in the games, from imposing chainmail to more dandyish appearances. Indeed, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt even has a note about taking the time to admire the hero’s equipment, and during the story you can visit a barber to give him a haircut or shave.

Not everyone was put off by the reveal, though, as seen below:

Of course, Netflix reportedly have big plans for The Witcher as a franchise, and could have multiple spinoffs in development. The second block of episodes, though, will hopefully arrive sometime in 2021, give or take any further delays enforced by COVID-19, and will dispense with the complex timelines of the first year in a plot based off the novel Blood of Elves. And with a third season also possibly on the cards, we’re certainly looking forward to seeing what Geralt and his exciting new armor will be up to when the show returns.