Is season 7 the final season of ‘Rick and Morty?’

Rick and Morty season 6
Image via Adult Swim

It has been confirmed that the adult cartoon series Rick and Morty will receive its seventh season without Justin Roiland. This comes after Adult Swim announced it would cut ties with the show’s creator due to the recent domestic abuse allegations and leaked DMs containing vile messages.

There are questions as to how the show will continue without Roiland involved considering that he voiced Rick and Morty and is the show’s creator. Adult Swim ensured fans that the team they have are capable of keeping the show going.

But due to the recent controversy, is the seventh season going to be the last of Rick and Morty?

Is season 7 the final season of Rick and Morty?

Season six of Rick and Morty ended when Rick showed Morty a part of his lab with screens showing the progress made in hunting down Rick Prime, the Rick that killed his family. He then welcomes Morty to his “darkness” and teased that season seven will be about “hunting down his nemesis” while “also staying healthy while doing it.” At the moment, Adult Swim hasn’t confirmed if season seven would be the last. However, based on how the sixth season ended, it’s more likely that it will be.

Rick Prime is the ultimate big bad that was teased back in season three. He was later mentioned during the season five finale where Morty got to learn Rick’s backstory and was first seen during the first episode of season six. It’s currently unknown what deal Roiland had with Adult Swim in order to keep airing his show but the way season six ended made way for a climax that has to be fulfilled.

The plot for the upcoming season has not yet been revealed. And unless Adult Swim wants to extend the “Rick Prime hunt” story arc to multiple seasons, ending it in season seven seems reasonable. Until then, fans will have to wait for more updates on how the seventh season will be executed.