It’s okay if you hate ‘Emily in Paris,’ Lily Collins really, really loves ‘Emily in Paris’

Emily in Paris
Image via Netflix

The second season of Netflix’s original rom-com series, Emily in Paris, premiered on the streaming platform on Dec. 22nd. The show follows Lily Collins as she plays an American woman working in Paris for the year, and people have been divided on if they love or hate the show since the premiere of season one back in 2020.

There are many different critiques of the show, but some of the big ones are that it’s disrespectful to both French and American people, some viewers find it too silly or unrealistic. Others happen to think it’s a charming and simple show that’s an easy watch.

Whether you love it or hate it, with the cliffhanger that season two ended on, you better get ready for more Emily and more Paris as the series has been renewed for two more seasons. Obviously, the renewal was met with mixed reviews just like the season, but if there’s one person we can count on for Emily in Paris love, it’s Emily herself, Lily Collins.

The actress took to Instagram, wearing a shirt with her face on it, to announce her excitement for two more seasons of her show, even slipping in some French to show just how close she is to her character. Should you see one photo of Collins in an Emily in Paris shirt and not get the memo, she has kindly included three more in the slideshow. The message is clear: Emily is still in Paris.

Since season one, it’s been easy to tell that Collins loves the project and has even become close friends with her co-star, Ashley Park. The two are constantly posting together.

Even though Netflix doesn’t have the best track record at renewing the right shows (looking at Julie and the Phantoms here), Emily in Paris seems to be popular enough to warrant two more seasons. And if you don’t believe us, well, you can always ask Lily Collins.