iZombie Cast Tease What To Expect In Season 3


Now that the wait is nearly over and iZombie is set to commence its third season this week, the cast have been doing their press rounds in order to get fans hyped. This is doubly crucial when you consider that it’s been nearly a year since season 2 concluded.

Sure, we had a rather meaty trailer drop recently that helped jog our memories, but despite the prolonged hiatus, one thread left hanging last year that has remained etched into my mind was that of the notion of a zombie new world order on the rise. Thus, it’s important we pay attention to the folks at Fillmore Graves going forward.

Series lead Rose McIver recently spoke with IGN about how her character, Liv, will react to this organization:

“I think Liv is understandably apprehensive. She doesn’t know what these people are fighting for, particularly. They speak as though they have the best intentions and it’s very unlike her approach. She’s trying to keep things very undercover and maintain as much normalcy as she could… but she’s wise enough to know that getting a zombie army on her bad side isn’t good either. She’s starting Season 3 working out what exactly [Fillmore Graves] plan to do and how and what the implications of that would be for her world.”

Another major development is that of Clive Babineaux finally being in on the secret that zombies do, in fact, exist. Having someone on the outside looking in for an extended period of time has been a longstanding trope of comic book based TV shows, but now that everyone’s on the same page, it should present a new dynamic as McIver continued:

“Now that Babineaux knows, it’s kind of like a Scooby gang is how we’re treating it. So Liv, Major, Ravi, Payton and Babineaux are all on the same page now and informed of the same stuff. Blaine appears to be – although I’m sure Liv has hesitations. He has a lot to overcome. There seems to be a big team working together and that’s to uncover what is happening with Vivian and work out what to do about Mr. Boss, who is still alive, albeit not as strong or empowered as he had been. So that’s kind of where we kick off.”

Also of interest is Rahul Kohli stopping by this week’s “#DCTV” episode of DC All Access (seen at the top). Although DC’s Legends of Tomorrow gets thumbnail and headlining privileges for some reason, it’s most assuredly iZombie that dominates the video. One of the more interesting aspects that he points out is that we’ll see a wider scope as the season progresses, effectively making this version of Seattle seem more authentic.

iZombie returns on Tuesday night on The CW.