James Gunn rings in ‘Peacemaker’ day — DC fans respond with glee

Photo via HBO

Happy Peacemaker Day, DC fans! As of this Thursday, the first three episodes of the very first DCEU spinoff TV series are available to watch on HBO Max. And it seems that superhero-loving subscribers have wasted no time in binging all three. Writer/director James Gunn, who helmed this sequel to his 2021 summer blockbuster The Suicide Squad, got the hype started this morning on Twitter, reminding folks that it was premiere day.

“It’s #peacemaker day,” he wrote, causing fans to blast him with praise as those who’ve already caught up shared what they love about the show, which stars John Cena as the titular Peacemaker aka Christopher Smith, the world’s most violent pacifist.

“You chose a perfect cast for this series,” one fan said. “The scripts are absolutely hilarious!” they went on to add. “The action & fight scenes are badass!”

Many fans were initially skeptical that Peacemaker was the right choice to lead a Suicide Squad spinoff, as he was such a hateable character in the movie, mostly due to his cold-blooded murder of the noble Rick Flag. However, these opening episodes seem to have convinced folks that Gunn made a good call on this one.

One fan revealed that he’s now in their top 10 DC characters after just the premiere. Gunn summed up why he thinks Smith makes for an unlikely hero. “#Peacemaker is an asshole,” he said, “but he’s our asshole. Not literally.”

When one fan complained that HBO should have just released all eight episodes in one go, Gunn made clear that this wouldn’t be possible as the finale is still being worked on, with the score from composer Clint Mansell only just locked in. We can apparently expect that to be “INCREDIBLE.”

People are already eager for episode four.

A lot of fans are loving the “spectacular” theme sequence.

Hopes are high that the quality is going to remain top-level throughout.

Like the man himself said… there’s nothing like a good bloodbath to start the day.

After miraculously escaping death in The Suicide Squad, Peacemaker sees Smith once again enlisted to help save the world as part of the mysterious Operation: Butterfly. Cena is joined by TSS co-stars Jennifer Holland and Steve Agee, as well as franchise newcomers Danielle Brooks, Freddie Stroma, Chukwudi Iwuji, and Robert Patrick. Check out the first three episodes now on HBO Max.