James Gunn says the sh*t hits the fan in penultimate ‘Peacemaker’ episode

Image via HBO

Based on how the stakes, tension, and insanity have been ratcheting up on a weekly basis, there’s a distinct possibility that the cast and crew of Peacemaker repeatedly telling us that we’re not ready for the final two episodes isn’t hyperbolic in the slightest.

James Gunn blocked critics from seeing the finale to keep things under wraps, with star Steve Agee admitting that the Guardians of the Galaxy and The Suicide Squad director was vocal on set in admitting he can’t believe what Warner Bros. and DC Films are letting him get away with.

Chukwudi Iwuji teased an explosive two-part conclusion, but as you can see below, Gunn was a little more on-the-nose when hyping up the penultimate installment following this week’s Peacemaker watch party.

The R-rated superhero series has been nothing if not unpredictable so far, meaning that we can’t definitively take anything off the table as to what wild and crazy directions the finale ends up heading.

A second season is surely going to be officially announced sooner rather than later, though, so we’ll be very curious to see if Gunn throws everything and the kitchen sink into the mix to end Peacemaker on a note befitting the show’s status as an irreverent delight.