Jason Bateman Teases Ozark Season 4 Release Date


Last weekend’s TUDUM event saw Netflix drop the first footage from Season 4 of Ozark at long last, and while it was as gripping and atmospheric as we’ve come to expect from one of the platform’s best-ever shows, a lot of fans were disappointed that an official release date didn’t accompany the clip.

It was only a few weeks ago that director Amanda Marsalis revealed shooting was almost complete on the bumper fourteen-episode final run, which looks to plunge the Byrd family even deeper into a life-threatening and continued crisis that’s largely been entirely of their own making.

Unlike many other Netflix originals, Ozark hasn’t relied on a regular slot on the calendar after the first three seasons dropped in July 2017, August 2018 and March 2020 respectively, and that’s set to continue according to star, executive producer and occasional director Jason Bateman.


When pressed for comment during a recent appearance on the SmartLess podcast, Bateman offered a vague response of “I think January”. That likely only means the first half of Season 4, when it’s been confirmed by Netflix that Part 1 will get a little breathing room before the final seven episodes premiere at a later date.

Ozark has been racking up increasingly strong viewership numbers as its reputation continues to grow among subscribers, so it could end up as one of the streamer’s most-watched episodic projects ever given the hype surrounding the impending swansong.