Jersey Shore Fan? You’re Not Alone

Are you a Jersey Shore fan? Well, you’re not alone. Despite a weak third season, 8.8 million viewers tuned in last night for the season 4 premiere, according to Deadline. Scoring an 8.2 rating in persons 12-34, the premiere was a bonafide success for MTV and was the show’s most watched season premiere, up 4% from the season 3 opener.

Even more impressive is that it was MTV’s third most watched telecast of all time. Can you guess what were number one and two? The answer: two of Jersey Shore‘s season 3 episodes. Looks like audiences just can’t get enough of The Situation’s antics.

Personally, I was expecting to see a bit of a decline in the ratings, mostly due to the crummy season 3. I guess the repetitiveness of the Ron/Sam drama wasn’t enough to keep people away. Although, I think the ratings turned out well mainly because of the new setting.

Moving the show to Italy was a smart choice and I think people were willing to give the show another chance, hoping that Italy would provide for some fresh material.

I really enjoyed the premiere and I feel like this season is headed in the right direction. I’m definitely looking forward to how it all pans out and hopefully this will be a better effort than last season.