8 Awesome Easter Eggs In Jessica Jones Season 1

8) Jewel’s Costume


Unlike the comic books, the small screen version of Jessica Jones never actually gets chance to suit up and play hero. Instead, she’s taken by Kilgrave around the time she’s actually considering using her powers to help others. Before that, though, comes a very cool scene which features an appearance from a costume that fans should have instantly recognized.

While suggesting code names (Jessica instantly dismisses “Jewel” due to it sounding like something a stripper would use), Trish shows her best friend a costume that’s identical to the one worn by her comic book counterpart when she became Jewel. Jessica rejects that too, and while it would have been fun to see her actually suit up in the flashbacks, you have to hand it to the series for at least acknowledging the source material in this tongue in cheek way.

Maybe she’ll wear it in season two?