8 Awesome Easter Eggs In Jessica Jones Season 1

7) “Sweet Christmas!”

Luke Cage

It may sound like a bit of a silly catchphrase, but Luke Cage has become known for saying “Sweet Christmas!” over the years, and whether or not we’d hear it in season one of Jessica Jones was a big talking point before the show hit Netflix. As it turns out though, he says it twice.

The first comes after a particularly passionate encounter with Jessica early on, while the second follows shortly after when the two heroes come across a staggering amount of marijuana.


A fun nod to his comic book counterpart, it should now be interesting to see whether or not Mike Colter ends up saying it again in his own solo series (which is set to hit the online streaming service next year). If we had to bet, he’ll probably drop it at least a couple of times.

Either way though, kudos to Jessica Jones for finding a way to use it on two occasions without it comes across as silly or forced though; this definitely a fan pleasing Easter Egg, that’s for sure.