8 Awesome Easter Eggs In Jessica Jones Season 1

6) Angela Del Toro

White Tiger

In the comic books, Angela Del Toro was one of the FBI agents investigating Daredevil when his secret identity was outed to the world. After inheriting some mystical amulets though, she actually turned to the Man Without Fear for his assistance, ultimately deciding to become a costumed crime fighter known as White Tiger.

Jessica Jones, however, made it clear that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is taking Angela in a slightly different direction, when Jessica mentions that she’s a fellow private eye. It’s worth noting that this character has not been cast for Daredevil season two or Luke Cage, but it’s still entirely possible that she’ll factor into Iron Fist, particularly as her powers are connected to the mystical realm of K’un-L’un.

Regardless of where and when she shows up though, this was a neat way to reveal her existence.