Neon Action Shots For Jessica Jones Season 2 Tease New Threats


SpoilerTV has returned from Hell’s Kitchen bearing gifts; specifically, a raft of new action shots for Jessica Jones season 2.

Embedded below, this fresh gallery of high-res images essentially pays a visit to all of the show’s leading characters, including Krysten Ritter’s whip-smart private eye and her literal partner-in-crime, Trish Walker (Rachael Taylor). They’re up to no good (surprise!), as below you’ll find our heroic duo moseying down a dimly-lit alleyway, before apprehending what can only be a potential suspect towards the end of the gallery.

And then, there are the new faces. Although critics came down hard on Jessica Jones season 2 for its thinly-drawn villain, who is seemingly a far cry from David Tennant’s Kilgrave, this particular batch of photos alludes to Jessica’s new antagonist, and we’re inclined to believe it has something to do with the comic book character known as Typhoid Mary.

Feast thy eyes:

All things considered, it appears Jessica Jones has succumbed to the dreaded sophomore slump. In our own review, we found that season 2 “delves deeper into the past of its hero than ever before, propelled by Krysten Ritter’s brooding but compelling lead performance.” And it’s really Ritter’s natural charisma that brings balance to what is otherwise an uneven, poorly paced second season.

But after the wholly forgettable Defenders ensemble series, we can at least rejoice in the fact that Marvel’s TV arm is taking some time to focus on its own fantastic four – and Jon Bernthal’s moody rendition of The Punisher, of course.

We are, at the time of writing, exactly one week out from Jessica Jones‘ return, which neatly dovetails with International Women’s Day. Kudos, Netflix!