Jimmy Smits Reportedly Returning As Bail Organa In Cassian Andor Series

Bali Organa

The next Star Wars TV series out the gate is the Rogue One prequel show that’s been in the works for a while focusing on Cassian Andor, as played by Diego Luna. We’ve always known that Alan Tudyk would be back, too, as his cynical droid pal K-2SO, but it seems like there will be a few more of the RO cast turning up as well. We’ve previously heard that Genevieve O’Reilly will return as Mon Mothra and now, two further names have been added to the list.

Fan page Bespin Bulletin is reporting that Jimmy Smits is coming back for the series to reprise his role of Bail Organa. If this intel proves accurate, this will be his fourth appearance as Leia’s adoptive father in live-action, following on from Attack of the Clones, Revenge of the Sith and Rogue One. BB also notes that General Draven will be back as well. Hard-nosed rebel leader Draven – portrayed by Alistair Petrie – was likewise introduced in RO.

It won’t be all familiar faces in the Andor show, however. Seeing as Felicity Jones can’t return as Jyn Erso, given that she didn’t meet Cassian until the movie, the prequel will introduce a brand-new female lead to work with Luna’s rebel agent. From what we know so far, this heroine will be called – ironically enough – Luna, and is described as “charismatic” and “dynamic” in a casting call.

The project hit a speedbump earlier this year when Lucasfilm became unhappy with how the scripts were shaping up. Showrunner Stephen Schiff was fired and Tony Gilroy was brought on board to replace him. This is an exact match for what happened on Rogue One itself, where Gilroy was hired to fix Gareth Edwards’ film in reshoots.

Hopefully though, things are running much smoother now and for the time being, the Cassian Andor series is still expected to land on the streaming service by the end of 2021.