Jodie Whittaker Hopes Doctor Who Season 11 Will Blow Our Minds


Now that Peter Capaldi has regenerated into Jodie Whittaker, as seen in the Doctor Who Christmas special “Twice Upon a Time,” we’re officially in the era of the Thirteenth Doctor. That said, we’ve still got to wait a large chunk of the year before season 11 arrives at some point this autumn. When it does finally materialize, however, the new Doctor hopes that her adventures through time and space blow fans’ minds.

While speaking to Doctor Who Magazine, Jodie Whittaker talked about how excited she is to be playing the role of the Doctor, explaining how she doesn’t think there’s another acting job like it out there.

“How lucky am I to play this part? There is no other job in the world like this, where you can see so many different worlds, meet such amazing characters and speak such extraordinary dialogue.”

Right now, Whittaker is knee-deep in filming the new run of episodes. When the work is over and the whole thing is ready to be unleashed on the public though, the actress is keeping her fingers crossed that the audience will be just as impressed with what new showrunner Chris Chibnall has come up with as she was when she first got her hands on the scripts.

“When it’s all put together in one series I hope it will blow the audience’s minds as much as it blows mine when I read each new script.”

Finally, Whittaker again made clear how much she adores playing the Doctor, explaining that the experience of acting like a 2,000 year old Time Lord (or Lady) is just so different from any other part she’s ever taken on.

“It’s never going to feel like [other jobs], because it’s this job and it’s amazing. It’s a world away from any part I’ve played before.”

Doctor Who season 11 will be comprised of 10, 50-minute episodes. Though no names have been revealed so far, we know that Chibnall is bringing in a completely fresh writing team, while Whittaker will be joined in the TARDIS by her companions Graham, Ryan and Yasmin – as played by Bradley Walsh, Tosin Cole and Mandip Gill, respectively.