‘John Wick’ creator bringing cult comic book ‘Battle Chasers’ to TV

Derek Kolstad is best known for writing the first three installments in the John Wick franchise, laying the groundwork for the intricate and detailed assassin underworld that fans have come to know and love. He may have been dropped from Chapter 4 in favor of Shay Hatten and Michael Finch, but he’s gotten busier than ever.

As well as penning the screenplay for Bob Odenkirk’s acclaimed actioner Nobody, Kolstad also scripted two episodes of Marvel Cinematic Universe series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, while he remains attached to John Wick prequel series The Continental, Netflix’s animated Splinter Cell show, feature-length thriller Acolyte and an episodic Dungeons & Dragons project.

Battle Chasers

If that slate wasn’t packed enough, The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Kolstad is now working on bringing cult classic comic book series Battle Chasers to the small screen, which gained instant fame in the late 1990s by outselling Marvel and DC at the height of its popularity.

Alcon Entertainment will be overseeing Battle Chasers, which follows a 9 year-old girl named Gully. Armed with a pair of magical gloves and on the hunt for her missing father, she teams up with swordsman Garrison, bounty hunter Red Monika, golem Calibretto and wizard Knolan as they embark on an adventure that has a ton of potential to be a blockbuster fantasy TV show.