Jon Bernthal reacts to ‘The Punisher’ streaming on Disney Plus

The Punisher

Jon Bernthal has reacted to The Punisher finding a new home on Disney Plus. Yes, as of Daredevil and its various spinoffs moving over from Netflix earlier this month, the gritty, ultra-violent Marvel series can now be viewed on the Mouse House’s streaming platform, alongside Mickey Mouse and Frozen. It’s a weird turn of events, to be sure, but fans are keeping their fingers crossed that it means Marvel Studios has more planned for Frank Castle.

And Bernthal’s response to The Punisher dropping on Disney Plus has reignited fans’ desire to see him don his skull-adorned bulletproof vest once more. Recently, the official Punisher Twitter account came out of hibernation to celebrate both seasons of the show arriving on D+, alongside the rest of the Defenders Saga.

Bernthal, who premiered as the gun-toting vigilante on Daredevil season two before getting his own vehicle, offered a brief reply to the news. “Good. Ole. Frank.” the star wrote.

So far, two Daredevil stars have reprised their roles under Marvel Studios, with Charlie Cox cameoing in Spider-Man: No Way Home and Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin serving as Hawkeye‘s big bad. The hope is that this is just the beginning of a flood of Defenders-related characters descending on the franchise. Out of all of them, though, the Punisher might be the hardest to find a place for, seeing as his grimdark nature sets him apart from, say, a talking raccoon and a time-traveling Norse god.

Having said that, Moon Knight is set to be a more mature Marvel series, and Oscar Isaac has hinted that his character could join the Midnight Sons — a darker superhero team that may include the Punisher on its roster. With Moon Knight coming to Disney Plus this March 30, maybe the seeds could be sown for Jon Bernthal’s MCU return sooner than we think.