Is Jonah Hex Returning To Legends Of Tomorrow?


Already, this season of Legends of Tomorrow has truly proven to be something when it comes to guest appearances. To name but a few, we’ve witnessed the resurrection of Damien Darhk, the Arrowverse return of John Constantine (with more to come), and even a time-displaced Gorilla Grodd.

Of course, there’s probably one other return that DC fans are yearning to see, and that’s one to be made by Jonah Hex. Having already appeared in two episodes in prior seasons, the bounty hunter with the sweetest of dispositions has always felt like a natural inclusion on this series.

Speaking of which, recent posts made on the Legends of Tomorrow Instagram page tease a return to the Wild West, with the cast clad in appropriate attire. And while Johnathon Schaech’s Hex isn’t pictured, there’s no question as to why many smell a return on his part. And if there isn’t, why bother going back to that time period anyway? It sure would be a missed opportunity.

Perhaps our best form of evidence comes in the form of a photo showing Rip Hunter in said episode. No longer a part of the principal cast, the Waverider’s former captain has appeared in only a few episodes of season 3 thus far, and it’s hard to forget his storied history with Hex.

If you’re wondering when this episode will air, odds are that it’ll probably arrive sometime in the coming weeks. Knowing that production has already wrapped on season 3, it stands to reason that said episode has already been shot and the social media account is strategically dropping images as the producers deem fit.

Legends of Tomorrow airs on Monday nights on The CW.