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Karl Urban says there are parts of season 3 of ‘The Boys’ that cannot be unseen

One word: 'Herogasm.'

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Season 3 of Amazon Prime’s The Boys premieres on Friday, June 3, which is heavily being teased as the most outrageous season yet. In addition to running out of fake blood approximately one-third of the way through filming, the upcoming season will finally feature the comic book source material’s infamous “Herogasm” scene which is apparently so raunchy that star Chase Crawford feared that he’d never find work again.

“I’ve only seen some rough stuff, so I haven’t seen its, um, full glory,” said Karl Urban, who plays Butcher, in a new interview with The Guardian published Tuesday. “But there are things about season three that, once you’ve seen them, you will never unsee them.”

Urban likewise hyped the “Herogasm” scene, which quite honestly sounds like something straight off the set of an adult film shoot.

“It’s difficult to talk about it without giving away too many spoilers, but I’ll tell you one thing,” he says, leaning forward. “Jensen [Ackles, who plays Soldier Boy, a hero in the style of Captain America] walked on set one day when they were shooting Herogasm. He turned to one of the cameramen and said: ‘Hey, buddy, how’s it going?’ The cameraman has this thousand-yard stare and goes: ‘Dude, I’ve seen some shit.'”

One thing fans won’t get to experience onscreen, however, is a sex scene between Soldier Boy and Homelander (Antony Starr) which was reportedly was scrapped from the “Herogasm” episode.

“I love that scene and it’s hilarious, but for a dozen reasons, all of which will be revealed when you see the season, it ultimately just didn’t track,” said showrunner Eric Kripke in a recent interview. “We talked about it. It conflicted with a lot of the other things we were trying to build with Soldier Boy. So, unfortunately, that one had to go.”

Thankfully, it sounds like there will be more than enough to make up for the omission.

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