Hawkeye Concept Artist Reveals Design For Kate Bishop In The Show


Marvel Studios seem determined to replace all of their Phase One Avengers while still keeping their costumed alter-egos around, as their cinematic universe moves into new and uncharted territory following the conclusion of the Infinity Saga in Avengers: Endgame.

Sam Wilson will be taking over as Captain America in The Falcon and the Winter Solider, Yelena Belova has essentially been confirmed to be picking up the mantle of Black Widow from Natasha Romanoff, She-Hulk will be inheriting the role of the MCU’s resident gamma-irradiated superhero in the near future, Jane Foster will be wielding Mjolnir in Thor: Love and Thunder, and there’s been rumors that a whole team of armored successors could be continue from where Iron Man left off.

Despite being a part of the MCU for a decade, fans haven’t been quite so vocal in demanding that Hawkeye get a solo movie as they were for his close friend Natasha, but Jeremy Renner will nonetheless return in what is widely expected to be Clint Barton’s fond farewell in the upcoming Disney Plus series bearing his codename.

Kate Bishop will be stepping up to the plate as the franchise’s new deadliest archer, with Hailee Steinfeld rumored to be playing a character that looks set to feature heavily in the studio’s plans for the future as a key member of the Young Avengers. We haven’t seen much from Hawkeye other than the reveal of the official logo, but regular Marvel concept artist Andy Park has now brought us a concept design he created for Disney Plus, and you can check it out below.

While this may not be exactly how the final design looks in the show, with purple spandex feeling a little too far-fetched even for a superhero franchise, it does at least remain true to the comic book origins of both versions of Hawkeye and certainly gives us a pretty good idea of how Kate will appear. Besides with the series not expected to arrive until the first quarter of 2022, there’s still plenty of time to settle on her finalized design.