Kathleen Kennedy hints ‘Rangers of the New Republic’ is canceled

The second Gina Carano was officially given her marching orders and ejected from Star Wars, the chances of The Mandalorian spinoff series Rangers of the New Republic making it through development and onto the small screen plummeted.

After all, the former MMA fighter’s Cara Dune was widely expected to be the focal point of the project given that Mando’s Season 2 finale had established that she was literally a Ranger of the New Republic, and it was confirmed back in May that the show was no longer actively in the works behind the scenes.

Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy has now basically admitted as much in an interview with Empire, where she revealed that no scripts had even been written, and that some story ideas may find themselves being folded back into The Mandalorian and other offshoots like Ahsoka.

We’d heard unfounded rumors that Rangers of the New Republic could be rebuilt from the ground up without Carano, but the latest comments from the franchise’s head honcho would indicate they were wide of the mark. Even with one piece now off the board, we’re not going to be short of Star Wars content, with close to dozen streaming exclusives remaining in various stages of pre and post-production.