Superman & Lois Theory Says Only One Of The Kents’ Sons Will Have Powers


A compelling new Superman & Lois theory suggests that only one of the Kents’ sons will inherit their father’s superpowers. In the pre-Crisis timeline, Clark and Lois had just become parents to their baby boy Jonathan. Once the multiverse was rebooted, though, Clark discovered that he was now a dad to two 13-year old twins – Jonathan (Jordan Elsass) and Jordan (Alex Garfin). This is a big change from the comics, but it’s possible that we can still look to them for answers on how the boys will be depicted.

Jonathan, of course, is pulled from the source material. In current continuity, he’s the only child of the Kents and possesses Kal-El’s Kryptonian abilities and an attitude like his mom. Of course, there’s no such character as Jordan on the page, but it’s possible the show’s writers will take some ideas from the comics nonetheless. For instance, Elseworlds story Superman & Batman: Generations also gives the couple two children, daughter Kara and son Joel, and in this comic, Lois is exposed to Gold Kryptonite while pregnant with the latter, meaning he doesn’t have his dad’s powers.

It’s possible this concept could be lifted for TV to an extent with Jordan – either he was exposed to Gold Kryptonite at some point or else he’s just genetically human like his mother. The official character descriptions reveal that he’s shy and socially awkward while Jonathan has Clark’s old-fashioned charm and Lois’ confidence. It definitely sounds like Jordan’s insecurities could come from his lack of powers, then, which would be a fascinating dynamic to explore as it would no doubt fuel a lot of interpersonal drama – e.g. sibling rivalry between the boys.

This theory, cooked up by ScreenRant, may just be based on conjecture, but it holds a lot of water as it would probably be the option that would create the most stories and plotlines. We’ll soon find out the truth, though, as Superman & Lois is currently filming ahead of its arrival on The CW in January 2021.