Kevin Smith Says Supergirl’s Lex Luthor Will Be A Dark Turn For The Show


Supergirl fans were ecstatic when it was revealed that Superman’s nemesis Lex Luthor was finally coming to the show later on in season 4. They were a little bit less ecstatic when it was revealed that Jon Cryer had been cast in the part, though.

The actor’s most known for his comedic roles in the likes of Two and a Half Men or to DC fans as Lex’s bumbling nephew Lenny in the abysmal Superman IV: The Quest for Peace. As such, his casting had folks thinking that he must be delivering a lighter take on the villain.

However, it seems we have nothing to fear, as Kevin Smith, who’s directed at least one episode a season on Supergirl since season 2, has made clear that this is not the case. He stated on an episode of his Hollywood Babble-On podcast that he knew of Cryer’s casting a while before it became public and can say for certain that his Lex will not be “humorous” and will be “a dark turn.”

“I knew that a long time ago. When I was working on my episode, they were talking about who would play Lex Luthor and his name as at the top of the list at that point and I know what they’re doing with the character. Like, it’s not humorous. It’s a dark turn.”

Smith didn’t tease just how Cryer’s Lex will be “dark,” but we can certainly hazard a guess ourselves. The big threat Supergirl’s facing this season comes from the Children of Liberty, a hate group drumming up anti-alien sentiment in the people of National City. It’s more than likely that once Luthor drops into town he’ll ally with the group and make them even more dangerous. Given his stature in DC canon, it’s possible Lex will also go on to become the big bad of season 4.

Lex’s arrival means that just about all of the major figures from Superman lore are now rolling around the Arrowverse and hopefully, one day we’ll see Cryer’s Luthor face off against Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman. Maybe in that rumored Superman spinoff show (even though it probably isn’t happening)?

Supergirl airs Sunday nights on The CW and as soon as we learn more about what’s in store in regards to Lex, we’ll be sure to let you know.