The CW’s Developing A Superman TV Show For The Arrowverse


The Arrowverse is already a very, very busy place. From the humble beginnings of Arrow we were then given The FlashSupergirl and Legends of Tomorrow, with Black Lightning also considered to be unofficially part of the franchise. And the family’s about to get a little bit bigger, too, as Ruby Rose’s Batwoman is joining the fray later this year in “Elseworlds,” the yearly crossover, before being granted her own solo series.

But it seems that The CW feels as if there’s room for one more, as Fandom Wire reports that talks are heating up to give Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman his own show on the network. With Henry Cavill out of the role on the big screen, Warner Bros. is hoping to keep the Man of Steel in the spotlight and they’ve given their blessing to The CW to develop a show based on Hoechlin’s version of the iconic hero.

From what we understand, WB has “lost confidence in Superman’s ability to draw audiences to the cinema” and considering how much praise the Arrowverse’s Big Blue Boy Scout has seen, they feel that’s the better place for him right now. Furthermore, the aforementioned crossover will serve as a backdoor pilot for Supes’ own show, and if fans respond well to him again, it’s very likely the series will take flight.

Fandom Wire is quick to stress that this is still in the early stages of development and there’s no guarantee a Superman TV show will actually happen. However, if the crossover goes down well, it’s probable that The CW will move forward with the project quickly and start pushing it into production.

And let’s be honest, it’s almost a certainty that “Elseworlds” is going to be a hit. There’s much to get excited about when it comes to the next crossover and fans are beyond eager to finally lay eyes on it and figure out how all the mysterious teases we’ve been seeing lately fit together. Chief amongst them being the Man of Steel’s black suit, which we caught wind of the other day.

Of course, we’ll keep an ear out for any further information on this proposed TV show for Superman, but in the meantime, feel free to head on down to the comments section and let us know if you’d be interested in seeing it.