Legends Of Tomorrow Star Is Hyped To See Batwoman In The Arrowverse


When it was revealed a few months back that Batwoman will be introduced in the next major Arrowverse crossover, the first place where many fans’ minds went was a possible instance of “shipping” involving Sara Lance and Kate Kane. But lo and behold, Legends of Tomorrow will be sitting this one out, so that knowledge doused said flame for the moment.

Still, it’s a notion that actress Caity Lotz has entertained in recent history, therefore fantasy matchmakers have something to hold onto. In fact, the White Canary herself had nothing but positive things to say about Ruby Rose while speaking at Fan Expo Vancouver, even referencing that badass Batwoman costume worn by her new comrade:

“It’s a huge role. Did you see her costume?” Lotz said. “It’s so… I met Ruby at a party in L.A. and I went up to her like ‘welcome to our shows’ and she was so awesome and she seems super, super sweet and we’ve actually been texting and she’s like ‘how do you pee in a superhero costume?’ … so I’m really excited for her to be on the shows. I hope that our characters get to interact it would be a really fun and interesting dynamic. Ava better watch out…”

Of course, the “Ava better watch out” bit shouldn’t be taken too seriously, but we can’t be too sure of Sara’s relationship status by the time she and Kate eventually cross paths. And if you think hailing from an alternate universe is a deal-breaker for the League of Assassins alumnus, then I’ll refer you to last year’s tryst with Alex Danvers.

As for peeing in a superhero costume, that’s something Ms. Rose is going to have to work out with the costuming department, but I imagine that Lotz may have it easier since her suit is a bit more straightforward. Either way, I’m not expecting to see Batwoman reading a copy of Everybody Poops during her downtime.

Legends of Tomorrow returns for its fourth season on Monday, October 22 on The CW. For more, be sure to check out our review.

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