Kevin Sorbo Cast In Recurring Role On Supergirl


Continuing its proud tradition of adding science fiction and fantasy television alumni to its cast, Supergirl has welcomed Kevin Sorbo (Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Andromeda), who is set to play a recurring role. Unfortunately, the specifics regarding his involvement are decidedly vague, as Deadline has described his mysterious character as being both a villain and anti-hero. Not only that, but it remains unclear if he’s human or alien.

Perhaps some clues can be gleamed though if we’re to tie this to the casting of Teri Hatcher, which occurred earlier this week. She too will be appearing in a recurring role, in addition to serving as season 2B’s big bad. And while her involvement is also shrouded in secrecy, our educated guess says she has something to do with the alien race that’s been popping up in the past few episodes.

Seeing as how both of these talents have some geek cred and are slated to make multiple appearances, it’s not a major stretch of the imagination to think their characters have some kind of link. If Sorbo is indeed an anti-hero, that could perhaps mean he’ll forge a shaky alliance with Kara before the season concludes. It’s probably safe to assume, however, that he’s not playing Lobo.

Speaking of Sorbo, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg had this to say:

“Since his days as Hercules, Kevin Sorbo has brought such a strong presence to the screen, and we couldn’t be more excited to have him join us on Supergirl.”

Supergirl airs on Monday nights on The CW.

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