Killer Frost Will Return In Kevin Smith’s Season 3 Episode Of The Flash

After directing what was easily one of the best episodes of The Flash‘s second season, Kevin Smith will return to take the helm of season three’s seventh instalment. Taking to Twitter this week, the filmmaker posted the image below which revealed the episode number and writing team. However, he understandably chose to obscure the title.

Unfortunately for Smith, clever fans managed to enhance the photo and see through to the second page where the title is clearly “Killer Frost.”

That’s significant for a lot of reasons. Killer Frost first appeared in season two as a villain from Earth-2, but was later killed by Zoom. That means the version who will show up here is either going to be from the Flashpoint universe (unlikely given the fact that status quo isn’t expected to last beyond a few episodes) or a new persona for the Caitlin Snow that fans know and love.

If it’s the latter, The Flash is going to be shaken up in a major way, but titles can be misleading, so who know what that actually refers to. For example, a completely different person may end up becoming Killer Frost on Earth-1. Either way, these characters are definitely in safe hands with Smith.