The Flash Just Confirmed The Justice League’s Coming To The Arrowverse


The Arrowverse is getting bigger all the time and this year’s crossover, titled “Elseworlds,” is set to introduce Batwoman, bring back Superman and play with the multiverse some more through the arrival of powerful cosmic entity the Monitor. The weird thing about the shared world, though, is that we still don’t have the Justice League. Well, until now, that is, as the latest episode of The Flash might have just confirmed that the JLA is coming.

“The Death of Vibe” saw Nora explaining to Team Flash how dangerous new big bad Cicada becomes in the future. She revealed that all of the heroes try to battle the power-sapping villain and fail. And, in the process, she came as close to a namecheck of the Justice League as we’ve ever had. “Supergirl, the Legends, even the League tried,” Nora says.

The assembled heroes of the Arrowverse have teamed up many times by now, but they’ve never given themselves a united team name. The implication is that they’re a proto-version of the Justice League, though. The “Crisis on Earth-X” crossover even saw them make their base in an abandoned STAR Labs facility that just happened to look like the Hall of Justice.

Not only that, but the season 5 premiere had Nora drop a reference to Happy Harbor as well. Fans will recognize this as the location of Mount Justice, another of the League’s HQs. We know that Barry took her there when she was a child and when you put this together with the fact that he goes missing in 2024, it’s very possible that we can rest assured that the Justice League will be formed by…The Flash season 10?

Or maybe, just maybe, with Superman and Batwoman on board, they’ll treat us to some more hints that the League’s forming in this December’s “Elseworlds”? I guess we’ll just have to keep watching The Flash to find out.

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