Latest ‘Last of Us’ News: The HBO series already has an ending in mind as the pandemic’s impact on the story is revealed

the last of us
Photo via HBO

We are officially less than a week out from the release of HBO’s adaptation of The Last of Us

The upcoming show is already working hard to side-step issues demonstrated by other massive properties. It even seems to have learned from a fellow HBO property, by heading into its debut with an ending already finalized. No more Game of Thrones-sized disappointments are in our future, if Craig Mazin has anything to say about it.

It’s also taking the last few years of real life into account. In a post-pandemic world, people have a very different perspective. The HBO show considered this, when planning out an approach to its own virus, and shaped its story around our collective COVID education. 

Hype for the show is already sky-high, but HBO ramped up excitement even more with a glimpse of what to expect from the series. It provided a behind the scenes look at season one, and caught viewers up on everything they need to know about the upcoming series. 

HBO’s adaptation already has an ending finalized


These days, popular shows have a tendency to ceaselessly trudge onward, despite a consistent reduction in quality, for season after season. This issue will be avoided in The Last of Us, thanks to Craig Mazin’s insistence on starting from the end. He stressed, in recent interviews, that any story worth telling has a finite conclusion, and he already knows what The Last of Us’ is. 

The pandemic played a part in HBO’s approach to the virus

We officially live in post-pandemic America—kind of, since COVID is still around—and things have clearly changed. We all gained a new perspective during the worst of the pandemic, and these changes were considered in the making of HBO’s The Last of Us. According to show runner Craig Mazin, the team wanted to treat the audience with respect, considering how much we’ve learned about pandemics and viruses over the last few years, and they shaped the story around this notion. 

The Last of Us preps its audience with a look behind the scenes 

The Last of Us on HBO

A behind the scenes look at HBO’s The Last of Us adaptation is working to provide all the necessary details for incoming viewers, as they look ahead to the show’s rapidly-approaching debut. The brief glimpse behind the curtain helps to paint a picture of the show, refreshing longtime fans and cluing new ones in on what to expect.