Legends Of Tomorrow Season 5 Premiere Title Revealed

Legends of Tomorrow Season 4

Production on all of The CW’s Arrowverse shows is now underway. Arrow‘s Stephen Amell has teased that he’s been shooting some exciting material for the show’s eighth and final season. The Flash set photos reveal the return of a popular villain. And Supergirl’s going to get herself a new suit when she returns.

Now, however, we have our first hint at the next run of Legends of TomorrowSpecifically, we’ve learned the title of the season 5 premiere. Exec producer Keto Shimizu shared a look at the first page of the episode’s script on social media to mark filming beginning on Legends‘s new season this past Monday (July 15th). The page reveals that the outing is called “Meet the Legends” and is written by Grainne Godfree and James Eagan and directed by Kevin Mock.

This is a curious title for an episode that comes five years into the series’ run. After all, we kind of already know the Legends pretty well by now. This suggests season 5’s premiere might operate as something of a revamp of the show then. Perhaps they’re angling it as a new stepping-on point for viewers unfamiliar with it. Or maybe it’s just a title. Who knows?

What we do know is that the Waverider crew will still have John Constantine in their midst, as Matt Ryan has been confirmed to be continuing on as a regular this season. In fact, the plot might revolve heavily around him, as the big bad will be Astra Logue, the little girl Constantine once got stuck in hell (see NBC’s Constantine show for details).

Season 4 revealed that Astra had managed to thrive in the underworld and was now a fearsome figure on her own and the last we saw of her she had control of the souls of some of history’s most evil men. How she’ll factor into the new run is still a bit unclear, but expect some more details to come to light on Legends of Tomorrow season 5 from this weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con.